Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How to pick a Medicare Supplement

How to pick a Medicare Supplement
Many people are confused about how to pick a Medicare Supplement.  So here are a couple of hints about your choices.
  1. Medicare Supplements are not network based plans, meaning you can go to any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare.  This is an advantage for anyone who travels and is in contrast to Medicare Advantage Plans. 
  2. All Medicare Supplements are standardized plans.  That means that any plan you choose is going to be the same regardless of the company you choose. The only thing that varies is the cost with each insurance company and the list of the plans they offer. Not all companies offer all of the available plan designs.
  3. Some Medicare Supplements offer a gym membership with them.  This does raise the cost of the plans that offer it. 
  4. Medicare plans have premium increases over time. So, it important to choose an insurance company that has stable rates over time.  Only an agent who works with Medicare consistently knows this type of company history and can help you with your choice.
If you want a Medicare Expert to help you select a Medicare Supplement plan, call Lucy Grosz at 614-889-0934 or visit  http://www.altavistaben.com.

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