Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Medicare appeals process is lengthening

Medicare appeals are taking longer

I have been working with several clients lately on Medicare appeals.  I am helping to facilitate the appeals because Medicare is denying services which should be covered.  In an article by Kaiser Health News, it was reported that there is a backlog of more than 700,000 appeals cases now.  I was not aware of this before, but claim denials have been occurring frequently since late last year.

You may start to get bills for services you think should be covered and wonder why.  When that happens, you will need an advocate to help you file a Medicare appeal.  If you are having trouble doing that, or you have filed an appeal and have not received a response, you are not alone. The backlog is expected to last until 2021.

Here is a link to an article which explains that there is a slowdown in processing Medicare appeals:
CBS news about Medicare appeals.

For further information about the process of filing an appeal, you can visit the Medicare web site or call us at 614-889-0934.

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